• CD "Šmite Gundega "Es, Karā Aiziedams/  As I Go off To War "

"The dainas (folksong) chamber mystery “As I go off to war...” is a story about the soul’s battle – about the soldier’s courage to leave and the woman’s strength in letting him go towards the unknown. I have interwoven an unanswered, and perhaps unanswerable, question in this story, namely, who of us is prepared to risk our life and happiness in the name of a larger idea? As the rich heritage of Latvian folk poetry confirms, such a thought has preoccupied Latvians for centuries. These countless verses express the human frailties that surface when a young man is called to war. A woman stands next to him, be it a mother, sister or bride, and reacts bitterly to his departure and absence. “As I go off to war...” does not provide an answer to whether it is worth sacrificing one’s life to the war machine. It does not glorify heroism; on the contrary, it reveals the fragile internal world of humans that is destroyed in war." - composer Gundega Šmite

    Performers: Arcandela - ensemble:

Aiga Bokanova, soprano

Kārlis Saržants, bassbaritone

Liene Brence, violin

Oskars Bokanovs, double bass

Māris Rozenfelds, accordeon

Rihards Plešanovs, piano

1.     Kur tecēsi, mēnestiņi? Ievads

Where are you going, dear moon? Introduction

2.     Zīle brēca

The titmouse calls

3.     Intermēdija Nr. 1

Interlude No. 1

4.     Lai ziedēja vainadziņš

May the crown of flowers bloom

5.     Div’ baloži strautā dzēra

Two doves drank in a stream

6.     Intermēdija Nr. 2

Interlude No. 2

7.     Līku loku upe tek

The river meanders

8.     Zviedz, zviedz sirmais zirdziņ!

Neigh, neigh, grey horse

9.     Intermēdija Nr. 3

Interlude No. 3

10.  Kara vīra līgaviņa

The soldier’s bride

11.  Labāk mani karā kāva

Better to die in battle

12.  Intermēdija Nr. 4

Interlude No. 4

13.  Pārskrēj’ brāļa kumeliņš

My brother’s horse returned

14.  Kur tecēsi, kaļva sieva? Postlūdija

Where are you going, blacksmith’s wife? Postlude




Recorded 2018

Release date 2021 April

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CD "Šmite Gundega "Es, Karā Aiziedams/ As I Go off To War "

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